Palin vs. Paglia

Who would win in a boxing match?

Camille Paglia or Sarah Palin?

The Outdoor life in Alaska surely provided Palin some experience with physical activity, whereas Paglia is a true academic, and tends to throw her weight around via her words.

But let’s talk about the boxing match that actually matters, a match of wits and intelligence. It’s disturbing how many young women seem to look up to Sarah Palin as a role model. On the surface, it’s understandable why this is: She characterizes herself as a simple, down-home woman. Many women can relate to this, particularly women who are politically conservative. I suppose what I’m getting at is that we have the wrong role models. Look at two women for who they are as individuals. Sarah Palin didn’t even serve a full term as Governer. While there’s nothing wrong with seeking new opporunities, doing so at the detriment to a prior obligation tends to be a negative thing. Now let us look at Camille Paglia, an author, teacher, and social critic. If you are a woman searching for a strong female role model, this is an excellent choice. I consider myself a femenist in so far as a man can be a feminist. Not only for this reason, but for many others, Paglia gets Palin with a mean right hook. While Palin is a reportedly educated woman, Paglia is a true intellectual, the author of many firey books of literary and social criticism, and a champion for feminine strength.

It has always seemed to me that those who we choose as role models says a lot about who we are as individuals. Just like when your mother told you about who your friends are says a lot about you when you were a kid. Things don’t change too much as we become adults. The fact that young women and many other people in general choose to back a woman like Palin when there are so many other strong feminine role models bewilders me. I suppose it’s just something we’ll have to get over as a culture.

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