Obama in 2012

With the political landscape being far different than it was in 2008, many supporters of the President’s reelection are in the position of legitimizing his 2012 campaign.  I’ve read loads of articles and blog posts about the shifting political arena developing with potential GOP candidates jockeying for position (or not) and I find myself think President Obama represents the healthy alternative.

Robert Paul Wolff makes an interesting case for supporting the President in 2012:

Obama has formally announced his intention to run for re-election [no surprise there], and I have signed up to do what I can here in North Carolina. I have no doubt that I will now get a good deal of grief in the comments to this blog. So be it. I believe this is a moment of existential peril in America for what remains of democracy and simple decency. Feel free to tell me that Obama has gone over to the dark side [or, indeed, that he has never left it], but what I see is Republican efforts in Maine to roll back child labor laws that have stood for one hundred seventy years, efforts across America to destroy the last vestiges of a labor movement, assaults on the bodies of women, attacks on the voting rights of college students, a renewed attack on Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, which have softened the mortal blows of capitalism for hundreds of millions of Americans over the decades. I will die without seeing the fulfillment of my grandfather’s dream of a socialist America. Selah, as the Good Book says. I invite all who will to join me. I shall not engage in arguments with those who decline.

An interesting viewpoint indeed.  I’m interested to see what those from the right wing will use as ammunition against Obama in the coming months.

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