Because I’m tired of businessmen telling me how to teach

As teachers, we have to deal with others telling us about our jobs almost constantly. Here is an enjoyable and cogent post about this very thing from Suburbanprincessteahcer.


Money and fame do not automatically make you brilliant and all-knowing.

One would think this would go without saying. And yet…

Why, as a society, are we so quick to follow the “teachings” of the rich and famous?!

Take for example, the idiots people who followed the advice of former Playboy model, now-turned talk show host, Jenny McCarthy and stopped vaccinating their kids. Jenny, going on the advice of a doctor who later turned out to be a liar, said a vaccination caused her son to “catch” autism.  Amazingly, millions of people listened to her. When the doctor was later called out as being a fraud and even Jenny admitted she might have been a little bit wrong, it was too late for all of those little munchkins who missed their annual shots. jenny

Now, personally, I think if you follow medical advice dished out by blondes who strip for money…

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