Liebster Award Response

The lovely blogger Deborah J. Brasket of Living on the Edge of the Wild recently nominated me for the Liebster Award.  As part of the award process, I’m required to answer a few questions and I decided to post them here.  Thank you, Deborah.  I’m honored my blog means something to you.  It’s awesome to know that something I do mainly for myself reaches people.  After all, that’s what it’s all about.

1.  Why do you blog?

I blog because it’s a means of connection, however fleeting and momentary that connection may be.  In all of my art, I strive to create a space where two parties can be open and vulnerable enough for a genuine connection and interaction to take place.  While poetry is my main artistic focus, blogging is a small but important part of making myself vulnerable enough for that interaction to take occur.

2.  What inspires you most in your work (your writing or art work)?

In many ways, my answer to the first question fits here as well.  The desire for genuine connection between people is the overall driving force of my art, although there are small inspirations.  I’m inspired by the contact zones between entities, all kinds of entities, from the contact zones between human being to the contact zones between ideas.  The contact zones, where two entities meet, is where interesting things happen.

3.  How would you change the world if you had the ability to do so?

If I could change the world, I would do my best to do two things: end physical conflict (military combat, etc.) and stop people from feeling inadequate.

4.  Who is your favorite writer?

I have to separate my favorite writers a bit.  Overall, my two favorite writers are Albert Camus and Allen Ginsberg.  As far as contemporary writers, Haruki Murakami (Fiction), Matthew Dickman (Poetry), and John Green (YA Fiction) are my favorites.

5.  Who is your favorite artist?

This is difficult.  I’m a lover of Impressionism and would have to go with Monet and Van Gogh although I also love Basquiat and Ai Weiwei.

6.  What one food or beverage could you not live without?


7.  If you have or could have an animal totem, what is it or would it be, and why?

In many ways, I feel like I do have an animal totem.  I’ve dreamt about wolves regularly since I was a very young child.  Interestingly, my father also dreams about wolves.  I’ve always thought there was some sort of connection there.

Thanks again, Deborah.  Everyone – you should get check out Deborah’s blog.  Link up at the top.  Cheers!

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