Matthew Dickman – Field

I’m standing in the field

trying to figure out if there was a difference

for my older brother, the first time he cut himself,

between his body as the beginning

of a long, drawn out, war and his body as the end-

a street full of ticker tape and dancing.  The moon

is wearing a white kimono that covers most of her

legs.  I always knew she was Japanese!  I will have to stand here

a long time if I want to learn something, if I want to

transform myself into some kind of superhero for the living,

someone that wears a cape

and fights crime, cures cancer, makes

you feel like you’ve been bathing in blowjobs and mescaline.

I want, I want, I need!  I want the ground

my brother is buried in

to be the field that I am standing on.  So we can be together.

So I can bend down

and put my face into the grass.  So that

when the wind picks up like Halloween

he’ll hear my saying to him did you feel that?  Wasn’t that spooky?


Copyright 2012, Matthew Dickman.  Published by W.W. Norton and Company, Inc.

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