Todd Boss – The Hush of the Very Good

I believe I’ve shared some of Todd Boss’ work on this blog before, but I feel inclined to share more.  He’s a fantastic poet who weaves heady strands of music through his work, unlike so many of his contemporaries.  He’s actually a very nice guy, too.  I was so moved by his first collection that I sought him out and sent a friendly email his way.  He replied in only a day or two with kinds words and a lot of appreciation.  One of my favorite things about the world of poetry is that it’s no secret the people on the other end of the pen are real, genuine people, and they’re usually more than happy to hear from their readers.  That being said, enjoy some lovely Todd Boss poetry.

The Hush of the Very Good


You can tell by how he lists
                                          to let her
kiss him, that the getting, as he gets it,
is good.
             It’s good in the sweetly salty,
deeply thirsty way that a sea-fogged
rain is good after a summer-long bout
of inland drought.
                            And you know it
when you see it, don’t you? How it
drenches what’s dry, how the having
of it quenches.
                        There is a grassy inlet
where your ocean meets your land, a slip
that needs a certain kind of vessel,
when that shapely skiff skims in at last,
trimmed bright, mast lightly flagging
left and right,
                      then the long, lush reeds
of your longing part, and soft against
the hull of that bent wood almost im-
perceptibly brushes a luscious hush
the heart heeds helplessly—
                                          the hush
of the very good.

Todd Boss, “The Hush of the Very Good,” from Poetry (February 2007). Copyright © 2007 by Todd Boss.

Source: Poetry (February 2007).

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