Where Do You Stand Politically?

I’ve had my fair share of political discussions.  I’ve talked about what socialism really is.  I’m talked about how the way the term “communism” is commonly defined in the United States really refers to a type of fascism or authoritarianism.  Political discussions are interesting and energizing, especially when you have two people who are genuinely interested in understanding each other.  The problem that often arises is one of definition.  Most people just aren’t going to understand what a “libertarian socialist” is unless they read sociopolitical theory or philosophy.  For this reason, I decided to post a link to The Political Compass, an in-depth political quiz that places you on a chart that looks like this:

Unlike the traditional left-right spectrum, which only takes economic issues into consideration, the chart above includes social issues.  Although it’s an enjoyable quiz to take, it might be helpful to see exactly where you place.  I’ve taken the quiz on several different occasions and have gotten consistent results.  If you’re curious, I’m pretty centered in the bottom left quadrant, only slightly more libertarian than Ghandi in the chart below with several famous figures placed according to their political veiws.

You can take the quiz by clicking HERE.

You can get general information about the quiz by clicking HERE.

It’s certainly more in-depth than most quizzes testing political stance, but it’s much for valuable for that depth, and it’s fun if you enjoy politics.  Enjoy, and feel free to leave a comment showing where you end up on the chart.  Cheers.

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2 Responses to Where Do You Stand Politically?

  1. Debbie says:

    I’m a little surprised at my result. I am far left (which I knew) and far libertarian (which I did not realize). Thanks for posting this. I’m going to take it again as we get closer to the presidential election to see if I’m influenced by the landslide of misinformation, super-PAC influence, and lack of actual news.

    • Cody says:

      People often forget about the social aspect. For instance, you could support government control of economic systems along with tight control of social interaction and personal freedom. You could also support government control of economic systems and favor almost zero control over social interaction and personal freedom. Both stances are technically leftist. When you realize that, it becomes easy to see how both the American left and right-wing parties are pro-capitalist, corporatist organizations.

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