Can You Live on Minimum Wage in the US?

Ideally, a minimum wage law provides all levels of labor with enough money to afford housing, food, and other elementary living expenses working a full-time, forty-hour work week. Those who have worked a minimum wage job, especially in those cities where living expenses are slightly higher than other places in the country know that our system is not ideal, and few are able to maintain substantial living conditions while working a minimum wage job. Being able to afford a car to travel to and from work is another issue entirely. This infographic, borrowed from The Punk Patriot (originally pulled from Reddit), is certainly eye-opening.

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2 Responses to Can You Live on Minimum Wage in the US?

  1. In effect, America no longer has a minimum wage. We never voted to get rid of it; we just chose to let it wither and waste away.

    • Cody D. says:

      I could agree with that. We desperately need to reevaluate the minimum wage, ideally providing a true living wage. Even if it was enacted at a state rather than federal level, it would surely help.

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