Marriage Equality Marches Forward

Good news for those who support marriage equality (which should be everyone). On February 12th, Washington became the seventh state to recognize marriage equality. Many of you may already know that the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled California’s Proposition 8 as unconstitutional. It’s moving to the U.S. Supreme Court now for a final decision. Also on February 12th , New Jersey state senate recognized marriage equality, following the example set by New York only a couple of months ago.

Although there has certainly been some resistance, marriage equality has been consistently gaining ground with 2011 being one of the best years yet. The important thing is to continue proudly supporting marriage equality in every way possible. Not everyone is able to donate substantial amounts of money, but those unable to do so can do other things to show their support. I can only hope that the successful recognition of marriage equality will open the door for the successful recognition of other marginalized groups like those who identify as intersexual or pansexual. We’re all somewhere on the broad spectrum that is natural variation.

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