Hollywood, Pushing Progressive Liberal Values?

The common conception of Hollywood is that it’s chock-full of left-leaning, progressive, liberals, but is this really the case?  Anyone who watches any amount of television or film can see that there are certain consistencies that exist, or certain normative formulas that are adhered to pretty thoroughly.

If you take a closer look at these consistencies, you’ll see something not all that surprising: most Hollywood films are made to appeal to the wealthiest, most actively-engaged movie-going audience, white people.  Cracked has compiled a list of five prejudices that are almost religiously adhered to in the American film industry.  It’s very interesting…

5 Old-Timey Prejudices That Still Show Up in Every Movie

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2 Responses to Hollywood, Pushing Progressive Liberal Values?

  1. Middle Ground View says:

    I think most films these days are aimed at 13-year-olds, the only demographic left in the US with disposable income. As for ‘progressive values’, the film industry is run by Left-leaning people. The films reflect their life values. Just looks at supporters of big Left wing causes.

    • Cody Deitz says:

      Seems like you’re onto something there, Middle, as sad as that is. And yes, of course the film industry is run by left-leaning people, but it’s far less so than many of us seem to believe. People often forget that their business is making money, not churning out ideology-shifting narratives.

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