Mini-Series: Why I am No Longer a Christian

I ran across a mini-series, here put together as one video, on an excellent site that features hundreds of free documentary titles.  The site is called Top Documentary Films.  The film was not put together by a professional filmmaker, but rather, a novice with some pretty savvy editing skills who goes by the alias Evid3nc3 .   I enjoyed his film partially because his experiences with Christianity and his disenchantment mirrored some of my own personal experiences.  The filmmaker does what I consider to be an excellent job of fully laying out all his experiences and thought processes in a clear, rational manner.

The film is not necessarily a short watch but if you have the time to grab a nice cup of coffee and sit down for an hour or so, it’s an interesting film and worth watching.  Happy Labor Day to everyone.  Cheers.

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2 Responses to Mini-Series: Why I am No Longer a Christian

  1. Debbie says:

    I watched the entire video. It was very interesting and I would love to spend a couple of hours talking with this guy. I did have a little trouble with some of his logic. He seemed to have put a great deal of weight in what the professor told him and did not fully explain his transition. I had the impression that he was following this professor the way he followed those who lead him into his religious beliefs. I probably should not be giving my opinion until I can actually site specific areas of debate. Let me clarify that I pretty much agree with the professor. However, I think I need to watch this again and actually take notes where I have questions on his reasoning. I think I’ll go pray for some free time this week to watch this again….just kidding about the praying thing :)

    • Cody Deitz says:

      I think the reason you feel he rather blindly followed the professor, and I got this impression as well, is because the details of their discussions aren’t fully disclosed. I’m confident that there was a lot of discussion where the professor fully explained his reasoning that is left out of the video for general editing purposes. I agree with you though, there does seem to be a little bit of appeal to authority going on. I’m glad you had the time to sit down and watch the whole piece. It really is well done for an amateur work.

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