Green (Third) Party Woes

Looking forward to the 2012 Election season and all that it entails, there are several things that sadden me.  The first and most important of these things is the lack of genuine, quality candidates.  I had very high hopes for President Barack Obama, but much to my dismay, he has continued a surprising (and painful) number of George W. Bush’s policies.  For all the change that was promised, there has not been nearly enough.  President Obama, along with the rest of the Democratic Party, seems to be shying away making any serious decisions to maintain a healthy share of wedge issues for election season.  Instead of making a final call on some form of Marriage Equality, he remains quiet, probably hoping to maintain a carrot to dangle in front of the homosexual community to help foster reelection.  It’s pretty depressing.

The Republican Party has the usual suspects floating around in the mediasphere.  Senator Ron Paul might be one of the few to offer some legitimate change for the country, but he’ll fade away within the next few months as the media ignores his campaign and the other candidates take the spotlight, which is also unfortunate.  This brings me to main point I’m getting at here.  We’re not going to see any actual beneficial change until we elect a president who refuses to be wooed by the lobbyists for giant corporations.  The Green Party is my personal preference and their hopefuls look…well, pretty good, actually.

But as long as the media focuses on the two major parties, a third party candidate, even one who shares the country’s views on the actual issues, will have a very difficult time competing with the Republican and Democratic candidates funded by Corporate America.  The Green Party, who refuses to accept funds from corporate sponsors, is exactly what the country needs, but because we’re all so apathetic about the chances of a third party candidate, we fulfill our own prophecies.  It’s pretty frustrating.

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