Obama’s Birth Certificate

As the race for the 2012 begins to heat up, there are some who seem to be far more concerned with discrediting the president than finding a worthy political opponent.  Would-be plutocrat Donald Trump is fueling the “birther” fires, supposedly setting up a research team to look into the legitimacy of the President’s birth certificate.

In general conversation, I find many people who share Trump’s seemingly unfounded criticism.  Several years ago, the president provided his birth certificate, which was released publicly.  It seems that the GOP and the Tea Party were not satisfied and began crying “forgery,” with no substantial evidence.  It doesn’t seem to be about really finding out whether or not the President’s birth certificate is legitimate.  It seems to be about getting as many people as possible to believe that it’s not.  I’ve ran into plenty of people who don’t think the President ever shared his birth certificate with the public.  Conservative media sources never seem to share that piece of information.  Instead, they continually talk about how suspicious the President’s lack of evidence is.

It’s definitely interesting to do your own research and see how the GOP and the Tea Party attempt to smear the President.  Personally, I feel grateful that President Obama is not paying heed to these “birthers,” preferring instead to focus on his job.

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