Don’t Worry, It Gets Better

I’ve written about the issue of bullying, particularly in relation to the tragic suicides of several gay youth last year.  I typically don’t repeatedly come back to a given issue but this is an issue that deserves repeated attention and action, however minimal.  I ran across an organization created by syndicated columnist and author Dan Savage called “It Gets Better,” an organization that reaches out to young people facing harassment of various kinds.  The organization was a reaction to the suicides of those gay youth who could not imagine life getting any better.  This is obviously a problem in the LGBT community, but also beyond it.  This organization seems like an excellent one to support.  It  certainly has my support.

On the “It Gets Better” website you can make a pledge to speak out and stand against hate, intolerance, and prejudice, regardless of its form. This stand against intolerance transcends the LGTB community and applies to all those who feel different, which is a huge percentage of young people.  I know I certainly felt different as a teenager.

You can visit the organization’s page HERE.

And here is Chase Whiteside of the New Left Media discussing his support for the organization and why it’s important to understand the issues at work here.

This is certainly applicable, but also valuable merely because it’s a great rendition of the classic song.

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