Obama vs. Misconceptions

Courtesy of Vanity Fair

Just a few days ago, President Barack Obama quietly filed for reelection.  Besides some ridiculous talk about Donald Trump considering running for presidential office, the President seems to be largely unchallenged (at least in a focused fashion) from the GOP.  Surely the right wing will find someone to be their champion.  Until then it seems the GOP hopefuls agree on only one fact, that they don’t want Obama in office for another four years.

In his recent speech in Chicago, designed to begin rallying support for his reelection, the President called for a repeat of the grassroots success seen in 2008:

“One of the things that I’ve seen again and again over the last couple of years is the conversation in Washington is very different from the conversation around kitchen tables and office coolers.  I wanted to make sure that our campaign was rooted in your hopes and rooted in your dreams. I want to make sure we’re putting the campaign in your hands — in the same hands, the same organizers, the same volunteers who proved the last time that together ordinary folks can do extraordinary things. That’s what this campaign is about.”

Many will agree that Barack Obama is not the president we hoped he would be, but all-in-all he’s made advances on several fronts.  What I most appreciate about the President’s recent struggles with Republicans is his refusal to cut necessary public services.  In his speech, Obama addressed this:

“We’re not going to sacrifice our fundamental commitment that we made to one another through Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security, the safety net for our people. That’s our vision for America. We’ve got a big vision for America, of a compassionate America and a caring America and an ambitious America, not a small America.”

Although he’s been called every kind of extremist, it’s clear that the President seeks to walk a middle road.  Sadly, there is still a large amount of ignorance and misinformation floating around, something GOP leaders are doing nothing to reduce.  This ignorance can be seen all over the place, but a nice little taste never hurt.

Many of the same misconceptions about the President that were popular in 2008 remain insurmountable truth to some in red-state America.

Here’s a video from a 2008 Republican rally in Ohio to illustrate my point:

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