CSU Budget Protests

I’d like to merely draw additional attention to an event that took place on every California State University campus yesterday.  Thousands of students, staff, and faculty rallied in protest of higher education budget cuts.

As a college student and future educator, this is an important issue to me, and to many residents of California, as well as many other Americans.  Californians and Americans in general are being called to view and understand the “bottom line.”  In essence, we’re all up to our ears in debt.  Everyone understands the need to cut government spending in order to get our budget under control.  The problem is that our politicians’ solution can not come at the expense of education, healthcare, and other necessary services.  How is it that students’ already astronomically high tuition can continue to rise while high-ranking university administrative elite collect a near half-million dollar paycheck each year.  We’re all in this together and we all must make sacrifices to bring our budget under control, but passing the mistakes of the elite onto the already struggling working class (in the form of tuition hikes) is totally unacceptable.

You can read the Los Angeles Times’ article on the protests HERE

courtesy of californiaprogressreport.com

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2 Responses to CSU Budget Protests

  1. alisa1521 says:

    I completely agree with you.
    I’m a college student myself in New England and at my college our tuition increased again this year. Guess what didn’t increase? The amount of financial aid I can recieve. In fact, I can’t recieve anymore due to a cap that was put on for undergraduate students in my state. And due to the lack of assistance given, added with our outrageous prices to go to universities, I work full-time like a lot of students. So it has taken me slightly longer than four yeares to finish with my undergraduate degree.
    The lovely woman in the financial aid office told me I’ve “been in school too long”. And when I asked her where I could get a decent job with half of a degree and thousands of dollars in debt, she shutup. Because there are barely options for those WITH degrees these days.

    • Cody Deitz says:

      I’ve had similar experiences with the California university system. I’ve seen the university make policy changes to encourage students to finish their degrees and graduate, while simultaneously raising tuition costs and decreasing the number of classes available. Did I mention that there is a huge influx of people returning to school because they’ve lost their jobs? It’s a complete mess.

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