Dark Green Dionysus and Stephen Colbert

Of the two main pseudo-politicos poking fun at everything on Comedy Central, satirist Stephen Colbert is not my favorite.  However, there is an interesting piece in the Religion section of the Huffington Post concerning his “giving up” Catholicism for lent.

Author and columnist Bron Taylor suggests Colbert take up his “Dark Green Religion,” as discussed in his book.  I haven’t read his book, nor have I previously heard of this “Dark Green Religion,” but after a read through the brief article, Taylor’s simplistic belief system seems to harken back to pre-Christian nature worship, without some of the more mystical and ceremonious aspects.

Taylor’s religion is only a few short steps away from setting up idols of Dionysus in the middle of the woods and getting drunk on homemade wine.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with nature worship, it’s just interesting to see it pop up.  Plenty of modern thinkers hold a certain view of nature that borders on religious reverence.  Albert Camus’ lyrical essays come to mind.  A short passage from one of these essays display’s Camus’ love and state of awe in respect to the natural world:

But to be pure means to rediscover that country of the soul where one’s kinship with the world can be felt, where the throbbing of ones blood mingles with the violent pulsations of the afternoon sun.

If that doesn’t sound like a pagan relationship with nature, I don’t know what does.

Taylor’s article can be found here.

Taylor’s Web site can be found here.

from c1.planetsave.com


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