I think one of the things we struggle with as people living in the 21st century is our relationship with other people.  We are connected virtually to nearly as many people as we would like yet we seem to be drifting farther and farther apart as a society.  You may know exactly where I am in my house via my Twitter account, but you probably have no idea what’s been bothering me recently.  There’s just so much focus on the current nature of things, so much focus on up-to-the-minute updates.  Listen to what news stations say to sell you on their news program.  Quality, carefully researched reporting often isn’t the first thing on the list.  People don’t wait to buy the cell phone years after it has come out, now that it’s had all the kinks and bugs worked out, they want the one that came out two days ago.

When did we find ourselves stuck in this vortex of useless yet endless information?  It seems that we have used technology not to share ourselves more intimately, but to build walls around ourselves.  Why should I talk to someone in person when I can send them a text message?  Rejection doesn’t hurt so much when it’s just pixelated  text on a glowing smart phone screen.  They’re like miniature versions of Bradbury’s parlor walls in Fahrenheit 451, always there to provide entertainment.

Instead of shielding yourself from the outside world, regardless of your preferred means of doing so, do yourself a favor and go experience the world first-hand by allowing yourself to be vulnerable.  If we can allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough, we might actually make an honest connection with another human being.  What a concept.

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