The Middle Class is Dropping Off

A new article in the Huffington Post brought up the results of the recent census, shedding light on the middle class that is being squeezed out.  It’s hard news to hear, but it’s important that we hear it.  Even though the recession has been “over” for months, it’s effects have not diminished as much as we all would like.

When hearing news like this, I’m glad we have the president we have.  While many have grown weary of your situation and seem to think president Obama is wholly to blame, it’s clear to those who keep track of things that he’s working to dig us out of the whole left by Bush and the lack of bank regulation. 

Here’s the article I read, but there are sure to be plenty more on this issue.

As I’ve said before, he may not be the glorious savior everyone had hoped for.  He surely has his faults.  But he seems to be honest about where we are and wants to do something about it.  I’ll still stand behind Barack.

Hey, we've had worse.

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2 Responses to The Middle Class is Dropping Off

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    Obama was naive to think he could work with the Republicans. Rahm Emanuel played a big role in that mistake and led to the watering down of the stimulus and health care reform. Hopefully, Obama has seen the error of his ways and will pursue a more progressive agenda now.

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