I just Love Praying Politicians

This country needs nothing more than another politician with a firm grip on the ordained nature of her campaign.  Right.  Republican senate-hopeful Christine O’Donnell has provided some serious comedy in the last few weeks, from her witchcraft situation to the colleges she reportedly attended denying she ever did so, but now she’s getting into something not so funny.  She has seemed to be always mindful of the importance of the constitution, which is how it should be, but now God has apparently been guiding her campaign.  Fantastic.  Wasn’t there another politician who claimed God guided him in his decision making?

Worse than just believing that God want’s nothing more than to see your incumbent ousted for your personal benefit, O’Donnell actually said she ignored the logical and rational part of herself in order to continue doing what she believes God wants her to do. 

The founding fathers felt that the seperation of church and state was an important part of this nation’s foundation for a reason.  Those who hear the voices of the divine speaking to them personally generally don’t have the firmest grip on any manner of rational thought.  Let’s just hope O’Donnell’s deity doesn’t give her any more “guidance.”  We really don’t need her in charge of anything.

Here’s the interview of O’Donnell I’m referring to.  Skip to 18:00

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