The Mean Sarah Palin

America’s other favorite neo-con icon was invited to speak at a GOProud rally.  GOProud is a group for homosexual republicans, who are generally speaking socially liberal and fiscally conservative.  Here’s a little bit from a speech she gave:

In fact, despite opening her speech with a joke about the difficulty of “coming out” as a fiscal conservative to one’s parents — something she congratulated the attendees on — Coulter’s speech to GOProud mystifyingly focused on social issues and not the fiscal and foreign policy issues that brought most of the attendees there. For instance, she told GOProud that the conservative gay rights movement ought to make common cause with the anti-abortion movement because, she said, “as soon as they find the gay gene, you know who’s getting aborted.” Coulter also made a forceful case against sex education in schools, accusing liberals of attempting to teach kindergartners about “fisting” (which garnered her a heckler, who shouted out “What’s wrong with fisting?”) and told the crowd that most parents didn’t want their children learning about the “homosexual lifestyle” instead of reading and writing.

Apparently Coulter knows more about homosexuality than homosexuals do.  Coulter is also quoted saying, 

“The truth is…they’re already against gay marriage, they just wont admit it publicly,” said Coulter. “I’m trying to get these gays to come out of the closet.”

I’m sorry, but is this woman serious?  Sadly, I believe she is.

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