Dionysus in the GOP

Republican senate candidate Christine O’Donnell is up against tough odds now that someone has dug up her past.  Where there should be systemic order and control, witchcraft is poking in it’s head.  Apparently, O’Donnell “dabbled” in witchcraft when she was younger, but never really got too deep into it.  Now her supporters are reeling.  What is the Republican Party to do with a senate candidate who deals with Satan?

Wiccanism, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with Satan at all.  Accusing a Wiccan of worshipping Satan is like threatening an atheist with hellfire and eternal damnation.  It’s laughable, really.  The fact that Wiccansim is so quickly equated with Satanism shows the ignorance of the average person.  Of course, O’Donnell was quick to condemn her past interests, and those she spent time with in the pursuit of these interests, which immediately won her praise from Wiccan organizations.  Here’s what a spokesperson from a Wiccan group said to the Huffington Post concerning O’Donnell’s comment:

I really have to question what she is talking about because witchcraft and Satanism are two different things… witches or Wiccans do not believe in Satan. We don’t even believe that Satan exists. Satan is a Christian deity of some kind. He is part of the Christian religion not ours. We worship nature; we work very closely with nature. We do not have blood on our altar and we have little to do with Satan. So I don’t know what Ms. O’Donnell is talking about. I wonder if she knows what she was talking about.

Chaos and disorder are destroying O’Donnell’s campaign before she can even think of being the next Sarah Palin, as if she’d want to be anyways.  Dionysus loves to crash the party.  In this case, the Republican Party.

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