Anti-radical Radicalism

With November looming in the very near future, many politicians are beginning to bite their nails.  Many citizens are doing the same.  What scares me the most is the seemingly powerful influence the Tea Party movement is going to have on right-wing politics.  While I definitely agree with the right to protest, freedom of speech, and grass-roots movements that support the interests of the people, the Tea Party has many things completely wrong.  The same people who passionately attend Tea Party rallies are the same sort who show up to events like Glenn Beck’s a few weeks ago.  Here’s an interesting interview given to these people:

Now of course all the interviews saved and edited into this segment are aimed to document the most shockingly closed-minded individuals.  I’m sure there were a few at this event with some sense in their heads, but those people aren’t going to stand up and say something about the hateful dishonesty being spewed by those seen in this interview.  They seem to be recepticals for right-wing Obama-hate chain letter emails, and effective ones at that.  Not that Obama is perfect, but I’ve seen other presidents do worse…

It is the same people in this video that will be supporting radical politicians in November.  It’s really comical when you think about it.  Many people like those interviewed claim that Obama is a radical this, or an ardent that, but at the end of the day, they are just as, if not more radical than the president.  It really is funny.  At the same time, it’s worrisome.  If those of us with sense choose not to act in counteracting this blatant racist crap, then we are just as guilty of wrong-doing. 

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