Do Ask, Do Tell

I’m very pleased to be sitting here discussing another substantial step forward in the equal rights arena.  The heated issues of the last several months seem to be encountering bright, level-headed judges, and that’s just fantastic.  No longer will gays and lesbians need to conceal who they are when serving our country, they can be honest about the people they truly are.

A Riverside judge ruled that not allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the United States military is unconstitutional.

“Plaintiff has demonstrated it is entitled to the relief sought on behalf of its members, a judicial declaration that the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Act violates the Fifth and First Amendments, and a permanent injunction barring its enforcement,” concluded U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips, a 1999 Clinton appointee.

Just when you thought all the smart things Clinton did had run their course, here’s a Clinton-appointed judge here to make your day.  It will be interesting to see what the White House does to follow up on this.  I have some faith that the people in Washington will do the right thing.  Cheers.

I’m not sure exactly how well this video ties in with the rest of this post, but the Beatles make people happy.

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