Burning Qurans like Building a Mosque?

In a recent article in the Huffington Post, ex-Governor Sarah Palin agreed with President Obama for probably for very first time in recorded history.  Like many other politicians have done, Palin came out and condemned the proposed plan of a Floridian Christian Church Pastor to hold a Quran burning this upcoming weekend.  Just as I was nodding in pleasant surprise, Palin of course had to twist her statement around to reinforce something else she’s been pushing lately.  In the artcile, Palin said,

“Book burning is antithetical to American ideals,” she wrote. “People have a constitutional right to burn a Koran if they want to, but doing so is insensitive and an unnecessary provocation — much like building a mosque at Ground Zero.”

Any intelligent indivudal briskly flipping through the newspaper is going to make associations and connections between various issues going on on the world stage.  Often, it is these associations that lead someone from a piece of evidence to a conclusion, often incorrectly.  Sarah Palin did just that.  Likening a book burning to the desire to build a cultural center with a house of worship attached is ludicrous.  They are simply nothing alike.  An interesting way to look at this is t0 change the faith being dealt with here.  Instead of burning Qurans, say this misguided Minister wants to burn Bibles.  Is that like wanting to build a church near a site where Christians killed people?   There would be Christians coming out of the woodwork talking about how this is a Christian nation, etc etc.

I suppose all I’m saying is that we must be careful about the weight of the associations we make.  We need to think a little more before we make wrongful connections that could hurt others.  In a country where freedom is of the utmost  value and tolerance is key, it is crucial to be mindful of what we insinuate.

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5 Responses to Burning Qurans like Building a Mosque?

  1. Colin Hutton says:


    Coming from where I do, I think Palin is a strange American phenomenon. However, I think maybe you are misinterpreting her or being over-critical of, arguably, careless expression. I dont think she is implying an equivalence between building a mosque and burning the koran, as you suggest. I interpret her comment as “burning the koran is permitted under the constitution but is insensitive. Building the GZ mosque is also permitted under the constitution and is also insensitive”. Under the current circumstances, I don’t see a problem with the juxtaposition of the facts and her opinion on the implications of those facts.

    Regarding the “koran burning’, our Australian tv news tonight showed Obama,s public statement and reported those by the US army commander in A’stan (where we too have troops at risk in the front line). I thought that both statements were pathetic. They smacked of appeasement. I doubt that Palin would sink to that.

    (btw your post – first sentence -is carelessly expressed. It ‘reads’ that the quote is from an article written by Palin for the Huffington Post. Not so. As I read the article, the quote is taken from her web site. That is a material difference).


    • Cody Deitz says:

      You’re right about that first sentence. That was poor syntax on my part. I’m glad you went and checked out the article for yourself. While I agree with you that Palin is somewhat of an anomalie, I hold true that she was likening burning Qurans to building a mosque. If you check out one of my earlier post, I posted a video of a news report where the Ground Zero Mosque is pretty thoroughly explained. I disagree that building it would be insensitive. Islam did not attack the World Trade Center, far-gone extremists did. I wouldn’t blame Christianity for the Floridian Minister’s plan to host a Quran burning.

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