I’ll Get Behind Barack

I understand that it’s popular to complain about the Obama administration, or any presidential administration for that matter. Many of a conservative mind, especially those of an older generation will credit my approval of Barack Obama to the follies of youth, to ignorant optimism. While it is of the utmost importance to understand a person in order better understand their words, discrediting a young person by attributing their ideas to ignorant idealism is not really fair. It is key to listen to and consider the truth of what they’re saying in and of itself.

With that being said, I approve of Barack Obama working to end violence in Iraq. The role of the U.S. there was largely due to an old rivalry being followed up on by the next generation. It should have been clear to many in the United States that we were acting foolishly when virtually no European countries would join us in our efforts to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. I’m not saying that toppling Saddam Hussein wasn’t a positive accomplishment. Ending the reign of any cruel dictator is a step in the right direction. All I’m saying it that if you really look at it, it’s pretty clear that Europe has pretty much figured out that war doesn’t seem to be the most effective means of accomplishing a goal. It often causes more problems in the long run. Just look at the death toll. I’m not just talking about American lives lost, I’m talking about the tens of thousands of civilians who have lost their lives amidst the violence.

Whether or not Obama has reached a major milestone by ending the combat mission in Iraq isn’t really what’s important here. It’s clear to all that there will still be a sizable American military presence in Iraq. It’s the fact he’s actually making the effort to decrease the amount of killing in an already war-torn part of the world. Couple that with his efforts to get the leaders of Israel and Palestine to sit down and work things out and it seems like he’s doing an o.k. job.

Of course people are going to be skeptical. Many say that the president is ending the combat mission in Iraq merely to be able to say he did what he set out to do. I really don’t think that’s what’s important here. Regardless of his private intentions, he has done something positive. Even though it may seem like it’s necessary sometimes, war rarely accomplishes anything but setting the stage for future conflict.

So even though he’s not the savior many hoped he would be, he’s taking this country in the right direction. He’s bringing necessary change to a country that has gotten far larger and more diverse than was ever intended by our founding fathers. It’s impossible to find a perfect politician. But rather than ignore accomplishments and relentlessly wail on his faults, I’ll take the good and the bad.

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One Response to I’ll Get Behind Barack

  1. K says:

    Great post. Especially the final paragraph.

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