New Job Marxism

I’ve recently begun working at a new job doing odds and ends in the construction world.  I basically help doing whatever I can concerning the construction, demolition, and remodeling of condominiums, apartments, and houses.  I’ve learned a lot about the various aspects of what goes on in this particular job.  My ability to speak Spanish has been improving as only one of my ten coworkers speaks fluent English.  I’ve also been observing the large economic gap between my coworkers (myself included) and those who we are working for.  Because the company I’m working for is based in a condo in Marina Del Rey, there’s obviously a large proportion of wealthy clientèle.  It’s nothing special to see an Aston Martin, Porsche, Lamborghini, or Ferrari parked in the parking structure.  The materials purchased by the clients are often top of the line.

While this all seems to make relative sense, one other aspect that tends to strike home from time to time is how the clients tend to treat us workers.  While there has forever been the attitude that the customer is above the employee, it seems that a much larger gap exists between myself and those I do work for.  Several clients in particular clearly look down upon myself and my coworkers.  If a worker doesn’t speak passable English, they are looked down upon even more by these snooty clients.  It’s truly an interesting phenomena although not new by any means.

The most interesting thing that comes to mind when I witness the pretentiousness of these clients is the conditions described by Karl Marx in his writings.  It instantly becomes clear how oppression can lead to a violent uprising.  While race and ethnicity is surely involved, it seems that the economic gap is far more important.

These observations of mine could very well be the musings of an overactive mind in a new environment but they are interesting nonetheless.

“Long live the all-conquering,eternally flourishing teachings of Marx,Engels and Lenin !”
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