The Perceptive Mind

For me personally, I sometimes find it extremely difficult to weed through all the white noise to figure out exactly what’s going on in my mind. I often find it difficult to sleep because it’s so hard to reject the intrusive stimuli that has been imprinted on my mind, so to speak, from the day. Therein lies the difference between a mind that creates and a mind that just soaks in stimulus, making said stimulus less effective and less meaningful. It’s like putting a whole handful of flavored candies into your mouth at the same time. You tend to lose your grasp on the individual flavors and instead experience a haphazard mess of flavors. I think the average person shoves handfuls of candy into their mouth.

The intellectual, the thinker, or even the conscious mind attempts to slow down and take only one or two pieces of candy at a time so they’re able to fully understand and appreciate the individual flavors.

To abandon the metaphor, this is what I try to do as often as possible. The modern world and all the acoutrements that accompany it make it that much more difficult to fully understand and appreciate individual thoughts, ideas, and emotions. As a creative person who wishes to produce some sort of intellectual product, it is my task to discipline my mind and allow thoughts to pass through how I see fit, not as fast as they can zip through.

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